My Love

My love,
Where are you?
Where am I?

I do not feel you.
I remember you but so hazily
As if you are a dream remembered.
I mistrust you.
Love, I do not believe you exist
No evidence, too perfect I declare

And yet,
I strive for you.

I hide from you.
How deeply 
I fear you.
To be seen by you
Unworthy, rightly unloved,
Your verdict ringing out for eternity: 

My love
You are everything real.
Everything that was and will be,
I am where you are.
I live within you.

I do not fear 
or death
or you
with you

Without you, 
I warp, I crumble,
I fall to pieces.
I become what I am not 
Yet remain, 
The darkness
And searing pain
Of being without you, my love, 
I fear 
Or with hope,
I seek you, in darkness,
By trying to destroy "it" - you!

Oh my love,
Forgive me everything!
I surrender everything, myself
back to you.
Whether you cast me out or keep me
I beg you believe me, 
Endlessly I love you.

You are here,
I am here,
We are here.
In an eternal embrace of love,
Dancing in harmony, in happiness
Infinitely together.

Until I do not feel you again.
Yet always now
I will remember 
Being right here with you,
With love
I can never fear you again.
I know you.

I will reach you 
Where you are.
Endlessly Everywhere
Everything Everyone

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