Fred Rogers – “The Truth Will Make Me Free”

These are the words from the video above:

“The truth is inside of us, and it’s wonderful when we have the courage to tell it.

Singing: What if I were very, very sad
And all I did was smile?
I wonder after a while
What might become of my sadness?
What if I were very, very angry,
And all I did was sit
And never think about it?
What might become of my anger?
Where would they go, and what would they do
If I couldn’t let them out?
Maybe I’d fall, maybe get sick
Or doubt.
But what if I could know the truth
And say just how I feel?
I think I’d learn a lot that’s real
About freedom.
I’m learning to sing a sad song when I’m sad.
I’m learning to say I’m angry when I’m very mad.
I’m learning to shout,
I’m getting it out,
I’m happy, learning
Exactly how I feel inside of me

I’m learning to know the truth
I’m learning to tell the truth
Discovering truth will make me free.

Are you discovering the truth about you? Well I’m still discovering the truth about me. That’s what we do as we keep on growing in life.”

Fred Rogers television show Mister Rogers Neighborhood was intended for children. And he spoke so beautifully to the child’s heart, he was often able to awaken the inner child that still lives within adults. His gentle, compassionate, and understanding presence along with his wisdom has been/is incredibly inspiring and comforting to me in this journey.

4 thoughts on “Fred Rogers – “The Truth Will Make Me Free”

  1. Love this. Reminds me of something I read the other morning. A woman I follow on FB asked her spiritual guides what can she do this year to bring in more Love to her life. And they said – when we deny the part of ourselves that are in pain, we are denying Love, we are denying Life. I danced a happy little dance when I read this. I always thought Love was this cozy warm peaceful feeling inside. But sometimes Love is simply sitting with our deepest painful emotions and energies, and feeling like we are going to throw up from intensity of it all. That is Love too. We cannot have the cozy, warm one without the gut churning pain of embracing ourselves when we need it most.

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    1. I love that guidance, “When we deny the part of ourselves that are in pain, we are denying Love, we are denying Life”. I haven’t thought of that turning away from the parts of us in pain as turning away from love/life, but it feels so true to me! That hurting part of us is alive and real and worthy of being seen/felt. But just like you shared, it can be so overwhelming. I sometimes feel the floods of pain will surely destroy me, but I try to remember that is just my fear talking. Maybe there was a time when I was little when I was unable to hold all of my emotions, unable to make sense of/process all I felt, but something inside of me says suppressing myself is no longer necessary. It’s time I lived. It’s time all of me is welcomed back by me. And similar to what you shared, it does seem that when I try to be there for a difficult feeling I am often surprised to find a joy blossoming after the low. Love seems to see everything as one, and has the power to reveal it as truly so. I do not understand it, but how strongly I feel it in moments.

      Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful guidance you discovered, and for sharing some of your own insights from your journey. I feel such a connection to what you share, it brings me a sense of peace and helps my faith. It reminds me I am not alone. I hope you are doing well, and I’m wishing you lots of love


      1. It is a great joy and a comfort to have you as a friend on this journey for me too. Wishing you lots of love as well and looking forward to your future writings.

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