To the Girl Who Wrote Poetry

To the girl who wrote poetry
Preserving me
Through the static
Thank you.

It is time

She appears
The strength
The vividness
Of a million colors
Before me
And within me
Floating, touching
As one 
And gliding over nothingness
As I collapse before her feet

Into our nothingness
So she can speak

This poem was inspired by finding my old poetry journals from when I was 13-20 years old. After 20 I largely stopped writing poetry. Until I picked the habit back up within the last year. My emotions seem to compel me to write poems. As I write them it often feels I am both communicating and listening. I am expressing and keeping in touch with myself. I believe writing poetry harmonizes and integrates the emotional and thinking parts into “Me”.

14 thoughts on “To the Girl Who Wrote Poetry

  1. Beautiful! And so interesting that we both seem to be going through the same process. I wrote poetry at a young age as well, and just recently have come back to it because you’re right… It’s the perfect way to integrate the thinking / emotional parts of ourselves! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you, it makes me happy to hear you liked my poem. Wow, I’m always surprised to hear how similar others paths are to my own. I’ve often felt quite odd. It’s nice to hear others relate! Thank you for sharing your perspective with me. πŸ™‚


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