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The Gender Of Love

I have determined the gender of love. The world gathers round. Some pray tearfully, Some joyfully, Some don’t pray at all. Watching sun descend, I set the heavy book on altar. It’s two hands are weak Against sensations held within. She’s there! Rising out of written words On decaying paper she dances. Converting ancient language … Continue reading The Gender Of Love

I Find Love

I find love to be a complex thing Yes, even the love Christ brings He says he loves me But how could that be For most of me is faithfully unkind I guess he’s simply paid me no mind He replies what is me is past what is seen I lie in unmanifestable dream – … Continue reading I Find Love

I Am Not Solely

I am not solely Matter of the universe But also maker With no memories But love (August 2021)

Sophomore Year Of High School – Me, Anxiety, and Medicine Meet Face to Face

Dinner At Boyfriend’s House Sophomore year of high school my struggles with anxiety rose clearly to the surface. I was invited to stay for dinner with my first boyfriend’s family. When I sat down for dinner, I saw his father had made hamburgers. I didn’t eat beef because I was terrified of mad cow disease. … Continue reading Sophomore Year Of High School – Me, Anxiety, and Medicine Meet Face to Face

He Is All Exhale

He is all exhale She is all inhale2 paths to deathBut twist them together tight And heavePracticing harmony They are the living GodDyingfinding life(August 2021)


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