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Perfect Love Reminds

Perfect love reminds, “You are completely loved”. Each who hears Heals. And echoes What they heard. Will the day of harmony come: Each part hearing and heard? Speak and listen And you may see. The harmony is Eternity. May 2021

I Discover You in Dust

I discover you in dust Layered on my soul Whispering Of God And how He slips in through Your atheism With narrowed eyes And furled brow And shows you photos of me June 2021

At the Kitchen Table

At the kitchen table In the setting sun My son sits Hand slowly Carefully Drawing pictures Of the monster trucks and motorcycles He dreams of Interrupted only by My devoted eyes and smiles

There Are Stars

There are stars in the sky of my bedroom I’ve reached I’ve jumped But I can’t get them down When I lay in bed at night Eyes heavy and drifting In the moonlight A giant lifts me up And one arm clings to him As I place the stars Over our heads

I Love Humans

I love humans But how could that be For not all humans love me But look at them One foot an animal’s One foot God’s dream Their words, their actions There’s no plot One voice speaking over itself But observe deeper And I believe you’ll see Something crying out from invisibility Look in their eyes … Continue reading I Love Humans

Complete Love

Being before complete love We have no fear For to love completely Is to know we are completely loved Safe Secure Eternally And we will turn And reveal All Before all And find only… We have no fear For to love completely Is to know you are completely loved Safe Secure Eternally You (May 2021) … Continue reading Complete Love

The Room Brightens

The room brightens And that’s when I see them The beautiful landscapes The beautiful moments Portraits And then in that light That gentle light They unhinge I run To catch them To hold them And over and over they somehow slip Through my hands Over and over And in that room Of endless shattering I … Continue reading The Room Brightens


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