Endlessly blessed

I love this poem from the wonderfully insightful emergingfromthedarknight.

Through this poem she expresses a truth that can be so difficult to feel and accept. This beautiful poem helps me feel the truth.

Emerging From The Dark Night

There is nowhere to get to

You are already there

There is no one else you need to be

Because who you are

Is already enough

It is okay for you to rest

You do not have to endlessly try

To do your best

For true wisdom lies

In trusting more

And trying less

If only you

Could see yourself through my eyes

Then you would know

Without a doubt

How precious is your soul to me

And when you stop

To tune in to your breath

For long enough

You will hear the voice of God

Reminding you how special you are

And how endlessly blessed

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“The Ballad of the Judas Tree” by Ruth Etchells

In Hell there grew a Judas Tree
Where Judas hanged and died
Because he could not bear to see
His master crucified
Our Lord descended into Hell
And found his Judas there
For ever hanging on the tree
Grown from his own despair
So Jesus cut his Judas down
And took him in his arms
“It was for this I came” he said
“And not to do you harm
My Father gave me twelve good men
And all of them I kept
Though one betrayed and one denied
Some fled and others slept
In three days’ time I must return
To make the others glad
But first I had to come to Hell
And share the death you had
My tree will grow in place of yours
Its roots lie here as well
There is no final victory
Without this soul from Hell”
So when we all condemned him
As of every traitor worst
Remember that of all his men
Our Lord forgave him first

-Ruth Etchells

My Love

My love,
Where are you?
Where am I?

I do not feel you.
I remember you but so hazily
As if you are a dream remembered.
I mistrust you.
Love, I do not believe you exist
No evidence, too perfect I declare

And yet,
I strive for you.

I hide from you.
How deeply 
I fear you.
To be seen by you
Unworthy, rightly unloved,
Your verdict ringing out for eternity: 

My love
You are everything real.
Everything that was and will be,
I am where you are.
I live within you.

I do not fear 
or death
or you
with you

Without you, 
I warp, I crumble,
I fall to pieces.
I become what I am not 
Yet remain, 
The darkness
And searing pain
Of being without you, my love, 
I fear 
Or with hope,
I seek you, in darkness,
By trying to destroy "it" - you!

Oh my love,
Forgive me everything!
I surrender everything, myself
back to you.
Whether you cast me out or keep me
I beg you believe me, 
Endlessly I love you.

You are here,
I am here,
We are here.
In an eternal embrace of love,
Dancing in harmony, in happiness
Infinitely together.

Until I do not feel you again.
Yet always now
I will remember 
Being right here with you,
With love
I can never fear you again.
I know you.

I will reach you 
Where you are.
Endlessly Everywhere
Everything Everyone